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Fireplace Pilot Lighting Instructions

shut off valve assembly - valve in OFF position 1.  Locate shut off valve assembly

valve assembly - valve in ON position 2.  Open valve assembly by turning it parallel to gas line.

pilot assembly 3.  Locate pilot assembly (usually in bottom of box or in back of logs)

igniter switch and button 4.  Locate igniter switch (usually red or black). Push igniter button and look for blue spark at pilot assembly

gas valve control knob5.  Locate the gas valve control knob. Look for on / off / pilot (or ignition) on the knob. Push in and hold and rotate counterclockwise until the word pilot (or ignition) is in the on position.

hold in the valve control knob and press the igniter button6.  While holding the valve control knob in (in the pilot position it should go inward a 1/4") press the igniter button repeatedly until the pilot ignites. (Upon first time ignition this could take as much as 10 minutes to bleed the air out of the gas line until gas starts to flow.) Once the pilot is lit, continue to hold valve knob in for 30 seconds then release.

turn valve to ON position7.  Once pilot light is lit, turn the valve to the on position. If pilot goes out, start back with number 1 and go through lighting procedure again. If this fails, call Builders Fireplace for further instructions.

turn the fireplace unit ON8.  With pilot light burning and the valve in the on position turn the unit on (this may done via a wall switch, remote control, or off/on switch on the unit.

If you have any problems you may call our service department or use our online form to send us a question or request.

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